Where Hospitality meets Business

Focused on hospitality, tourism, business and hospitality management,
César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is your hotel management school with specialisations.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
Entrepreneurship meets Culinary Arts

The perfect blend of entrepreneurship and culinary skills to create your ideal education.
Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is your cooking school.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
The Business of Hospitality

Hotel school specialized in hospitality education and business studies.
Hotel Institute Montreux is your business school in Switzerland.

Hotel Institute Montreux
Where Hospitality meets Design

The combination of Swiss hospitality management precision and creative design.
IHTTI School of Hotel Management is your hotel school in Switzerland.

IHTTI School of Hotel Management
"Learning by Doing"

Hotel, Resort, Events and Spa management programmes.
Swiss Hotel Management School your hospitality management studies.

Swiss Hotel Management School

Swiss Education Group Representative

Western Europe

Ireland / Netherlands / United Kingdom

Jason Smith

Jason was born into hospitality through his great Auntie and Uncle at the age of 13. He found his love for the business within the family pub restaurant business and developed this passion for people and to serve. During his hospitality education with Colchester Institute he embarked on his first internship experience with the Walt Disney Company in Florida. After graduating from Colchester Institute, he stepped into a world of hospitality and events with Scottish & Newcastle retail, traveling to Chigwell, Essex where he met his wife to be.

Returning back to his love for the Disney company, Jason went to lead a team in Food & Beverage & Events in Walt Disney World Florida and made some more magic! Inspired by his love for the business, he founded Yummy Jobs & Yummy Jobs International.

More recently Jason co-founded the Hospitality Network, FLIGHT Hospitality and now helps lead the Swiss Education Group team in the UK, Ireland & The Netherlands. His passion is to help advise and nurture the future talent of tomorrow and loves to see each student flourish and grow in the business of hospitality.

E-mail Jason Smith, Regional Manager at Swiss Education Group Call Jason Smith, Regional Manager at Swiss Education Group.

Swiss Education Group

With five schools based across seven campuses, Swiss Education Group is Switzerland’s largest private hospitality educator. With each school offering a diverse international experience on all beautifully located campuses in the French and German speaking regions of Switzerland.


How can I help?

Personal counselling meeting

We can start off with a counselling meeting via phone, email or face to face where we will discuss further options and find the correct education choice for you. This can be built from your previous experience, your future choices and any career goals you may have.

We are always very happy to come and meet with you for a meeting and are regularly in the areas around the Netherlands, UK and Ireland.

You will have regular contact with us and can always feel free to call or email us if you are ever unsure of any information.

Visit our schools

The best way to really understand what we offer is to come and visit our schools yourself! You will meet students and teachers and learn about the schools and what they offer, different course choices and student life.

There is a choice to attend one of our open days (includes an organised tour of all campuses over 2 days) or you can book a private or school group tour directly with me.

Visa advisors

We can happily help guide you for your visa information to help you on your journey to study in Switzerland.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Relocation experts

We understand it is difficult to relocate to a new country for your studies but as counsellors we are there to help you through your process.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Once you have decided which school and course suits you best, you can apply online through the link below.

Swiss Education Academy

The academy offers 3 categories of activity summer programmes over the summer. Language Club; Hospitality Club or Culinary Arts Club. This is highly recommended for school groups as the students can learn about the Swiss culture, experience new activities and meet new friends from around the world.

If you’re interested as a group leader to arrange a summer programme for your students, please contact me.

Student testimonial

Selasi Gbormittah

After appearing on The Great British Bake Off, Selasi Gbormittah changed his entire life plan to follow his passion. Find out how being a student at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland has been an important milestone in his career.

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