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"At Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, I learned how to think for myself and come to the answers on my own. I didn’t just learn how to cook, I also learned a lot about business and hospitality."

Lavr Kozlov, Russia



One degree, many possibilities

2 internships

Explore this exciting culinary program that equips you with the technical skills you need to be a top chef and the entrepreneurial know-how you need to launch your own business. Choose between specialized pathways in culinary arts, pastry & chocolate arts, and vegetarian culinary arts. In partneship with the University of Derby, UK

1 internship

Lay a solid foundation by acquiring the basic skills essential to culinary arts. Graduate after three terms with a Swiss Grand Diploma or pursue two additional years to get your accredited bachelor’s degree.

2 internships

Discover the art and science of baking and pastry and develop skills such as advanced bread-making techniques and traditional cake preparation. Graduate after three terms with a Swiss Grand Diploma or pursue two additional years to get your accredited bachelor’s degree.

1 internship

Explore the health benefits of vegetarian cuisine and learn through mastering presentation, ingredient substitutions, and restaurant management skills. Graduate after three terms with a Swiss Grand Diploma or pursue two additional years to get your accredited bachelor’s degree.

1 internship

Acquire the entrepreneurial skills you need to launch your own culinary business. The practical modules of this program are perfect if you’re looking to shift careers into the world of culinary arts, and will provide you with the hands-on experience you need.

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Recreational facilities

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You will receive a special welcome set when you arrive on campus. This set includes everything you need to feel prepared and supported as you embark on your academic journey with us.

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"I always had an interest in European cuisines, so it was another reason to study in Switzerland. Learning directly from European chefs gave me the knowledge and confidence to specialize in European-style food."

Chef Siddaharth Chogle

Food Consultant


Our campus

Le Bouveret

The campus is also home to Apicius—a brand new, state-of-the-art culinary arts facility where, as a Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland student, you’ll prepare and serve delicious meals to other students and staff.


Nestled in the sunny Rhône Valley at the foot of the Alps in the beautiful Valais region, this German-speaking town and its surroundings offer a relaxed lifestyle and a host of activities to keep you entertained. From Brig, you can escape to mountain resorts like Zermatt or Saas-Fee, go on spectacular mountain hikes, taste the local cuisine at amazing restaurants, and relax in one of Switzerland’s largest open-air thermal baths.

Nurture your talent, feed your curiosity, and build strong foundations to succeed at one of the world’s finest culinary schools.

At Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, you will benefit from a world class education that blends culinary mastery with business practicality and hospitality knowledge. This integrated education will equip you with all the skills you need to become a culinary mastermind, learning in state of-the-art kitchens and spaces uniquely tailored for every stage of culinary development.

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Bachelor's degree

Our Bachelor of Arts blends culinary mastery with practical business skills and gives you the opportunity to learn from our highly experienced culinary team and industry legends.

Master's degree

Our Master of Arts is geared towards career changers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, and culinary enthusiasts, who want to acquire the skills to launch their own business.