International School Counsellor Events 2020

Invitation to School Counsellors of International High Schools

From 19th October 2020 to 23th October 2020


From 29th November 2020 to 3rd December 2020

Visit all five of Swiss Education Group’s hospitality & culinary management schools and experience the International Recruitment Forum – an event organized twice a year for our students, allowing them to meet recruiters from over 100 companies from around the globe.

Swiss Education Group

We look after 5 schools across 6 beautiful campuses, with a student body made up of 111 nationalities and over 6,000 students. Each school benefits from a unique location and educational experience and, with a tailored hospitality education, your 5-star educational experience starts here!

To familiarise yourself with our schools and educational programmes, it is our pleasure to invite you to join our International School Counsellor Event that will be held from 8th to 12th March 2020.

Discover the world of hospitality

Explore our school facilities, attend presentations and workshops, and have the chance to interact with our international students and faculty.

The world of hospitality is an exciting, international career path for students, offering global travel and beautiful, international environments. We look forward to showing you the passion, excellence and dedication of Swiss Education Group’s students firsthand.

All accommodation expenses, meals and transportation will be covered by Swiss Education Group.

Have a look at the programme of our October event

Programme of the Event
Monday, 19th October Arrival Day
Tuesday, 20th October Discover our International Recruitment Forum and
visit HIM Hotel Institute Montreux
Wednesday, 21st October Visit SHMS, Swiss Hotel Management School and
IHTTI, School of Hotel Management (both in Caux/Montreux)
and experience a surprise leisure activity
Thursday, 22nd October Visit César Ritz Colleges & Culinary Arts Academy in Le Bouveret
Friday, 23rd October Departure Day



Have a look at the programme of our November event

Programme of the Event
Sunday, 29th November Arrival Day
Monday, 30th November Visit our schools HIM Hotel Institute Montreux in Montreux,
SHMS, Swiss Hotel Management School
and IHTTI, School of Hotel Management (both in Caux/Montreux)
Tuesday, 1st December Visit our schools César Ritz Colleges & Culinary Arts Academy
in Le Bouveret and discover the Montreux Christmas Market
Wednesday, 2nd December Choose between 2 options:
  • Discover the City of Luzern & César Ritz Colleges Campus
    in this famous Swiss tourism location
    (4th night in a hotel in Luzern, departure from Zürich airport ideally)
  • Departure (after 3 nights)
Thursday, 3rd December Departure Day




Jenny Kirkman
Peterhouse Boys & Girls School (Zimbabwe)

“After 3 days of touring the various SEG schools, I truly felt how amazing it would be to know that our students would be leaving their homes, families and countries and find a new home at their SEG school. How supportive the staff are and how they really take care of all of the student’s needs really shows that SEG is at the top-tier of Hospitality. Supreme education and personal experiences await each student who attends this grand establishment.

Mark Spencer
Deerfield Academy (United States)

“Seeing is believing. The hospitality and culinary schools are niche fields in academia, but you’ll learn that they do more than you think. You’ll leave with such a deep understanding of the SEG and for what students they are such an absolute great fit for. The care they show for the individual student is simply awesome, so not only do they give students a job skill that is in demand, but they also graduate human beings who can think and problem-solve cross-culturally – and do it all with a smile.

Ramez Takawy
The International School of Elite Education (Egypt)

“The Swiss university tour with SEG really opened my eyes to an academic field of which I knew very little about. With tourism booming in several countries, including my own, the need for educated industry leaders has never been greater. I believe many of the programs offered by SEG schools really prepare young people with the tools, skills and experience needed to integrate smoothly into the real world and prepare for managing the many branches of the service industry.”

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